Upgrade Your Computer

One of the most inexpensive ways to increase the performance of your computer is to add memory, also known as RAM. Memory is inexpensive these days, so a few bucks can really soup up that PC.

Install Memory: $30*

  • Increase performance of your computer.

Install Hard Drive: $30*

  • Adds more storage capacity to your computer. If you are running out of room to store all of your music, movies, or pictures, this is exactly what you need!

Install Other Components (Video Card, Sound Card, etc.): $30*

  • Installing these components can increase the capabilities of your computer. If you (or your kids) like to play games on the computer, these can really increase the gaming experience by increasing performance and video quality.

* Hardware components not included in price. However, we get these parts at great prices and better quality than the big stores carry in inventory.

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