Software Installation & More ...

Software Installation: $30

  • Install and configure any type of software.

Operating System Installation: $130*

  • Install a new operating system on your computer. An operating system is the software that basically runs your computer. Windows XP and Vista are examples of operating systems. We make sure all of your internal PC components are operating normally after the installation.

Data Backup: $60*

  • Backup up to 30 gigabytes of data to an external hard drive* OR up to 12 gigabytes of data to 3 DVDs. Keep all of your stuff safe, just in case something really bad happens to your computer.

Computer-to-Computer Data Transfer: $60

  • Transfer files from one computer hard drive to another. We can transfer all of your stuff from the old computer to the new one.

* Hardware components and software not included in price. However, we get them at great prices and better quality than the big stores carry in inventory.

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