Computer Recycling

Recycling cost: The Computer Recycling service is FREE if the computer is dropped off at our office. Just call us to schedule a drop off time and fill out the Computer Recycling Form located to the left.

We can also come to you and pick up the computers. The cost is $20 for up to 5 computers for locations less than 10 miles from our office. Additional fees apply for a pick up of more than 5 computers.

You might be thinking "Why not just throw this old clunker in the dumpster?" Below are just a few reasons why you should NOT do that:

  1. Computers can contain some nasty and toxic substances such as lead, silver, barium, cadmium, and mercury.
  2. Some computer components can be re-used, keeping those parts from reaching the landfill.
  3. Due to the constant and rapid advances in technology, people like to upgrade computers at a fast rate. The more rapidly people buy newer computers, the sooner they are ready to get rid of their old ones. Such accumulation is not good for the environment whatsoever and will clog up landfills.
"So how does EcoNerd recycle computers?"

Whenever we receive your old computers or laptops, the first thing we do is check the hardware to see if it still works. If it does, we will remove those components and reuse them later. Whatever is left over will be taken to an electronic recycling facility in Delaware where the computers will be recycled.

"What about all the information that is still on my computer hard drive?"

We use Department of Defense Certified software to completely and thoroughly erase every hard drive that we receive.  The software that we use is one of only 5 hard drive erasers in the world that are listed as an approved sanitizing solution for the Department of Defense.  We wipe hard drives to the DoD 5220.22-M standard.  What this means is that, instead of just deleting hard drives, we perform multiple overwrites, random characters, and write verification.  This is called "sanitizing" a hard drive and pretty much eliminates the possiblity of getting any of your personal data off of the drive. 

Help us protect the environment. Please recycle.

Any additional questions or comments about our recycling program? Click HERE to send us an email.

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